Tricot, the fabric that clads the world


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Why tricot has been an industry favorite for years

It has been ages ago that humankind started using natural fibers to wear them on the body. Since then, synthetic fibers of all kinds have been developed for various purposes. However, for the clothes we wear every day, natural fibers are still preferred by many people because of the way they feel on the skin and because they have been gradually and consistently improved. One of the fabrics that combines the advantages of a smooth feel and modern technology is tricot.

Many usage options make tricot so popular

Thanks to the multitude of forms and structures tricot can assume, the textile industry never fails to create new ideas in which it can be put to good use. For shirts, underwear, toddler and kids clothes, it is often used in a pure form. But since the fabric can also be enhanced by fibers such as spandex, it is also suitable for specialized clothes as needed for gymnastics and sports or even for bathing suits. Outside the realms of clothing, the fabric can also be the basis for home decor and linings as well as a valuable tool for craft projects and doll making.

Tricot is very popular in sewing hobby circles

Although it is recommended that you use a special needle to work with tricot, the fabric is still a favorite among hobby seamsters. The reason for that popularity is easily explained. As it is suitable for so many different projects, it is a good fabric to use for garments that are relatively easy to sew, such as shirts. However, that doesn’t mean you will leave it behind once you advance in your skills. The fabric will stay with you for more complicated patterns and throughout the entire time you devote to your sewing hobby.

The creative design options provided by tricot

Thanks to the myriad ways in which the fabric can be produced, tricot itself can appear in many different structures. As such, it can create a very different feel on the skin, depending on what kind of fibers were chosen. Playing with the many different options fuels more and more creative ideas for good seamsters who will freely combine various types of fabric into a garment. Of course, all kinds of colors are available as well and the fabric can easily be printed with any motive you might like. A well-sorted fabrics merchant will provide you with countless variations of the fabric.

Get your tricot from the merchant with the reliable service

Any kind of fabric is the profession of Laib Yala. The Swiss-based fabrics merchant has made a name for itself by providing a huge selection of materials, suitable for all kind of projects. Whether you are looking for tricot to sew underwear or lingerie or for fabrics that can be used in do it yourself crafting projects, Laib Yala has you covered. The company welcomes you for in-store sales as well as in its online shop.

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